• Pre-engineering 8 expands students’ understanding of engineering as it relates to the technology fields of Construction, Communications, Drafting, Manufacturing, Transportation and Power and Energy. Working in the wood production and computer labs, students apply the engineering design process to solve challenges that encourage innovation, critical thinking and teamwork. Students gain skills related to materials and equipment safety, technical math, use of hand and power tools, blueprint reading, and CAD drafting. Students design build and test prototype solutions to challenges in such areas as robotics, architectural structures, mechanical products, and alternative-fuel vehicles. A fee is charged.

    Self enrollment
  • Students are responsible to stay on schedule and complete the following units, but will have the flexibility to work ahead at their own pace. They will turn in teacher required HW and Programs before they are allowed to take their exams. This course is more self-taught and self-guided than the Intro class. Students need to learn how to learn from a book if they plan to become programmers. Imagine how many languages have come and gone in just the last decade alone? Also know that there are 3 different courses in this one block. Reading and learning from the text will be a large part of this course. The deadlines are on my website for those not working ahead. Those finishing early will be able to go directly into their final project.

    1st Quarter :

    Week 1 – 2: Chpt 1 thru 4 – Review VB.NET Concepts

    Week 3: Chpt 5 – Menus & Functions

    Week 4 – 5: Chpt 6 – Multiple Forms

    Week 6 – 7: Chpt 7 – Lists, Loops and Printing

    Week 8 – 9: Chpt 8 – Arrays

    2nd Quarter :

    Week 1 – 2: Chpt 9 Visual Web Developer

    Week 3 – 4: Chpt 10/11 Accessing Database Files & Saving Data In Files

    Week 5 – 9: Final Project

    Final Exam: Final Project and written.

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